Friendswood Public Library
Earn rewards for reading this summer! Reading programs are available at the Friendswood Public Library for all ages.
Use this site to log your reading progress and claim prizes from June 1 to August 19, 2017.
   Children from birth to 10       Young Adults age 11-18       Adults age 18+   
The program has not started yet but will begin on Thursday, May 31, 2018.
Important Messages

This reading program is for children age birth to 10 years. Read anything... books, ebooks, audiobooks, comic books, magazines, whatever, as long as it involves actual reading. Create an account and start logging their progress. Families can create one account and add members to track the reading progress of several people using one login.

Don't want to use the online system? No problem. Track your progress on paper and then bring it in.

Children earn a prize for every 10 books up to 60 books that they read or books that are read to them. Children that read books containing more than 100 pages, get 1 book credit for every 50 pages read.

  • 10 books (500 pages) = Earn Coupons for free things around the area

  • 20 books (1000 pages) = Tool Squirt Toy

  • 30 books (1500 pages) = Earn a rubber duck and for children age 6 and older will get a permission slip to the pool party

  • 40 books (2000 pages) = Beach Ball Face

  • 50 books (2500 pages) = Slap Bracelet

  • 60 books (3000 pages) = Stress Brick (final prize)

The last day to pickup earned prizes has been extended to Saturday, August 19, 2017.